how to play

Game Comparisons

The UDL uses the variation of dominoes known as Muggins, Big 6 or Hi Five. In this variation players only score if the ends of the dominoes placed add up to a multiple of five.


Be the first play to score 150 points.


The Wash:To begin the dominoes are placed face down and shuffled or "Washed".​Drawing:Once the tiles are suffled, each player draws seven tiles. The rest of the dominoes are moved to the side, also called the “bone yard”.The player with the highest double tile begins the game.​Beginning Play:The player who draws the highest double plays first. If no player has a double, the highest domino players first ie. (6/5, 6/4)​Continuing play:Take turns adding dominoes. Dominoes are played to matching ends, but to score the open ends have to toal a multiple a five.If there are no matching dominoes in hand, the player draws from the boneyard until they draw a tile to play.If a player does not notice their own play scores a multiple of five, a opponent may call “muggins” after the next play; the opponent will receive the points instead.

Ending The Game

The first player to use all empty their hand says “DOMINO” and ends the round. The player receives any points left in the opposing player’s hands (totaling the number of pips and rounding to the nearest multiple of five).​If the round is blocked, then the player with the lowest pip total wins, scoring their opponent's points and rounding the nearest multiple of five. Rounds are played until the first player reaches 150 points. If the 15 minute period ends before players score 150 points, the player with the most points wins.


If the game is tied at the end of the 15 minute time period, players are forcedinto “Overtime”.In “Overtime” the first player to score wins the game


Players use 30 (5) point scoring chips representing 150 points. Players have variating colors of scoring chips.Whenever a player scores the opposing player gives the player their scoring chips  totalling the amount they have scored.The first player that has none of their scoring chips remaining loses the game.Multiple rounds may be played until the 150 points is achieved


UDL Official Dominoes (28 count set)UDL Official Scoring Chips (30 each player)UDL Official Gaming MatUDL  Official Play Timer (10 seconds per play)UDL Official Score Card (Used to mark spinner of each round and final score of each game.

UDL Official Game Rules

1. SPINNER - When either player plays the first double, it is considered the spinner and can be played on all four sides.Players are responsible to mark the spinner of each game on the UDL official scorecard. 

2. DOMINOES EXPOSED - Dominoes exposed during the shuffle will be reshuffled. 

3. NO REDRAW OR RESHUFFLE - No redraw or reshuffle is permitted due to voids in suits or too many doubles. 

4. COUNTS OR SCORES - Counts and Scores must be called orally before the next person plays or passes. If a player does not call the score, the opponent can call their score after the play.(Scoring will be done in multiples of 5–150 points per game). 

5. WHEN A GAME IS BLOCKED - The player with the lowest point total in hand wins the hand, and is also awarded the opposing players point total.The player with the highest double will start the next hand.

6. BOGUS PLAY - Players must notice bogus play, if a player notices bogus play after the domino has been played, the domino is considered a played domino and play continues.If a player bogus plays, the game is over.  

7. PASSED and COULD PLAY - If a player pulls from the boneyard with playable dominoes in their hand, that player is subject to disqualification. 

8. EXPOSED or MISPLAYED - Domino If the domino in question can be PROPERLY identified by any player, it is considered exposed and must be played.Misplayed dominoes or Exposed dominoes must be placed on the proper end if discovered before the next play or passes. If the domino will not play, it must be played on the first opportunity. 

9. SLOW PLAY and BREAKS - If players are playing slow, there will be an initial warning. If warned a second time, the player will be disqualified.No breaks are permitted during matches, unless given permission by UDL Referee.​

10. TIME FOR PLAY - Each player is allowed 10 seconds per play, if you exceed the 10 seconds you will be given a slow play infraction.​ A second slow play infraction will result in disqualification from the match.If a player draws from the Boneyard, the player has 10 seconds to play from the time they have a playable domino.  

11. GAME TIME - Players will have 45 minutes to complete a best of 3 match; time will be monitored by an Official UDL Time Clock.At the end of each game, the player who has the most points wins the game. If players are tied when the game time ends,  players continue to play in overtime until the first player scores. 

12. PLAYING OUT OF TURN - Considered an exposed domino and must be played on the first opportunity. 

13. SLAMMING DOMINOES - Any player who slams a domino on the table disconnecting connected tiles can be removed from the tournament with no warning.

​14. HIDING DOMINOES - Dominoes must be visible at all times; players may not hide their hand